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Rush FAQ


What is Alpha Kappa Psi?

We are a premier co-ed professional business fraternity that focuses on five pillars of success: brotherhood, knowledge, integrity, service, and unity.  AKPsi is the oldest and largest professional business fraternity to date. Originally founded by four men at New York University, the professional organization now has over 240,000 initiated members at 265 universities in 3 countries.  The Omega Theta Chapter is a group of like-minded individuals who have many differing goals and aspirations but want to combine their passions to make a mark in the world. Check out the national website.


Do I have to be a student at the Smith School to rush?

No, we accept (and encourage) all majors to rush.  Part of what makes the culture of AKPsi so notable is the diversity of majors, personalities, and interests of its members. While we focus on the importance of a business minded individual, no experience or major requirement is necessary.


Why Rush AKPsi Omega Theta Chapter?

Alpha Kappa Psi is a group of people who want to make an impact on the world.  Omega Theta has highly accomplished students who work to professionally and socially develop themselves. With encouraging current brothers and involved alumni, the wide breadth of talents, interests, and knowledge gained distinguishes us from other business fraternities.  Check out our website and Facebook page to find out more about what makes us who we are.


What is Rush?

Rush spans two weeks and it is a chance for interested individuals to come and meet the brothers.  We want to get to know you, and you need to get to know us in order to see if this is an organization you want to be involved in! Rush includes events such as open informational sessions and activities to invite-only professional interviews.


What is a Bid?

A bid is an invitation to continue on to the pledging process.


What is Pledging?

The Pledge Process is a time for those who have received a bid to prepare themselves to join our fraternity.  This includes developing yourself professionally and personally, learning about the fraternity, and growing closer with the brotherhood and your pledge class.  You will be involved in planning and participating in social, professional, and service events.


Do we haze?

We have a strict no hazing policy that the whole brotherhood follows very closely.

I didn’t receive a bid, can I rush again?

Please do!  We encourage you to rush again if you feel that AKPsi Omega Theta chapter is a good fit for yourself. It shows dedication and commitment which can potentially provide a better to chance to receiving a bid.

Can I be a member of another organization and still join?

Of course! We look for individuals who are active on campus. Although you can’t join more than one Professional Greek organization, University of Maryland policy allows you to be a part of both a social and a professional Greek organization simultaneously. However, be advised that with joining comes a certain time commitment, and we encourage you to plan your activities accordingly.

Additional Questions?

Feel free to reach out by sending an email to!

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